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Protest Organizer: ‘Within Two Weeks of Obama’s Inauguration We Knew We Might as Well Have Another Bush in There’

Penny Starr
CNS News [1]
October 12, 2011

Art Brennan, a retired New Hampshire judge and organizer of the D.C. “October 2011” protest, said Tuesday he voted for Barack Obama in 2008 but now holds the president responsible for sparking protests on Wall Street and at other venues around the country.

“I blame Obama,” said Brennan when asked by CNSNews.com what role the Obama administration played in the problems facing the nation. “I worked for Obama during the election and I was here for the inauguration.”

“I was very pleased” about the election outcome, said Brennan. “But within two weeks I could see that we might as well have another Bush in there.”

Brennan and other protestors who have been congregating on D.C.’s Freedom Plaza gathered at the Hart Senate building Tuesday to protest the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Brennan, who mans a “free legal advice” booth at Freedom Plaza and counsels protesters on what to do if they are arrested, was arrested himself by Capitol Police along with five others, public information officer Sgt. Kimberly Schneider confirmed.

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