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Publishing Staff Threaten To Quit Unless JK Rowling’s New Book Is Canceled

Woke outrage mob protesting author’s assertion that there are only two genders

Steve Watson
Prison Planet.com
June 18, 2020

Staff at Publishing house Hachette have threatened to quit unless the company cancels its association with JK Rowling and scraps plans to publish her new book because they argue the author is ‘transphobic’.

The Daily Mail reported [1] that “Staff in the children’s department at Hachette announced they were no longer prepared to work on the book” over Rowling’s recent assertions [2] that biological sex is real [3] and that there are only two genders.

The Mail further reported that the publishing staffers “said they were opposed to her comments and wanted to show support for the trans lobby.”

“These staff are all very ‘woke’, mainly in their twenties and early thirties, and apparently it is an issue they feel very strongly about.” the report adds.

According to an ‘insider’ “It was a handful of staff, and they are entitled to their views. If they were being asked to edit a book on domestic abuse, and they were a survivor of domestic abuse, of course they would never be forced to work on it. But this is a children’s fairy tale. It is not the end of the world. They will all be having chats with their managers.”

Hachette is backing Rowling, having issued a statement saying “We are proud to publish JK Rowling’s children’s fairy tale The Ickabog. Freedom of speech is the cornerstone of publishing.”

“We fundamentally believe that everyone has the right to express their own thoughts and beliefs. That’s why we never comment on our authors’ personal views and we respect our employees’ right to hold a different view.” the company added.

“We will never make our employees work on a book whose content they find upsetting for personal reasons, but we draw a distinction between that and refusing to work on a book because they disagree with an author’s views outside their writing, which runs contrary to our belief in free speech.” the statement also noted.