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Puff Away in Paley Park!

David Kramer
Lew Rockwell [1]
Dec 26, 2012

Though Hitler-admirer [2] Nazi Bloomberg banned [3] all smoking in public outdoor parks in Nazi York City, there is one small outdoor park where one can still sit back and enjoy a fine cigar: Paley Park. Why? Because Paley Park [4] is a privately-owned park built by the late head of CBS, William S. Paley [5]. Paley, aformer smoker, believed that smoking was a God-given right, so he made sure that smoking was allowed on what is effectively his private property.

(It really must be eating Nazi Bloomberg’s kishkes out* knowing that there’s a park in Nazi York City open to the public that his Gestapo government guns can’t reach.)

*To “eat one’s kishkes out” is a Yiddish expression which means to aggravate someone so much that you are “gnawing away at his innards.”

[Thanks to my friend David Sack for letting me know about this smokers’ haven]