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Putin Accuses US of Killing Gaddafi With Drone Strike

Andrew Osborn
London Telegraph [1]
December 15, 2011


Last week, Vladimir Putin dismissed criticism of the vote by US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton as part of US efforts to weaken Russia, and on Thursday he upped the ante by accusing US special forces of being involved in the killing of deposed Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi.

“Who did this?” Putin said. “Drones, including American ones. They attacked his column. Then – through the special forces, who should not have been there – they brought in the so-called opposition and fighters, and killed him without court or investigation.”

A spokesman for the US military said the claim was “ludicrous.” In a related aside, Mr Putin said John McCain, the US senator, was losing his mind, probably because of the torture he suffered as a prisoner during the Vietnam War.

Putin was responding to remarks McCain made in October, when the former US presidential candidate said the killing of Col. Gaddafi should make “dictators” like Putin “nervous.” Signalling that President Barack Obama’s much publicised attempt to “reset” relations with Russia was now barely alive, Mr Putin added: “Sometimes it seems to me that America does not need allies, it needs vassals. People are tired of the dictates of one country.” The carefully stage-managed performance showcased Putin’s charisma and his natural ability to command attention and was designed to boost his image and show he remained in control of Russia.

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