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Putin Lashes Out at Western “Plot to Destabilize Russia” By Faux Revolution

Andrew Osborn
London Telegraph [1]
December 15, 2011

Vladimir Putin has accused his political opponents at home of trying to destabilise Russia on the West’s orders and alleged that the United States killed Libyan dictator Col Muammar Gaddafi.

In a ferocious verbal tirade broadcast on state TV that lasted more than four and a half hours, the Russian prime minister made it clear he was determined to return to the Russian presidency next year, scornfully dismissing recent demonstrations against him.

“I know that students were paid some money – well, that’s good if they could earn something,” he said, referring to the biggest protest of its kind since the 1991 fall of the Soviet Union last Saturday.

Facing down the biggest challenge of his almost twelve years in power, the Russian strong man insisted that the disputed parliamentary election which triggered the protests was not flawed, rejecting calls for a re-run outright.

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