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Rachel Maddow, MSNBC colleagues score face time with Obama

Neil Munro
The Daily Caller [1]
January 17, 2012

MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow is the president’s favorite media hack, judging from official White House visitors log records.

The liberal talking head has been cleared to enter the White House seven times. During three of those visits, she met with President Barack Obama in his residence or in the West Wing, usually for TV interviews.

She was also cleared to attend a holiday reception, and to sit down for a discussion with Robert Gibbs while he was the White House press secretary.

Another record reflects her attendance at a “Biden Beach Boardwalk Bash” last September. The visitors logs offer no mention of whether she got to drive the Veep’s Camaro, however.

One of her personal visits with Obama was part of a December 2010 cattle call with other left-wing journalists including E.J. Dionne, Eugene Robinson, Ed Schultz, Frank Rich, Ezra Klein and Arianna Huffington.

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