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Rebels smuggling Syria chemical weapons strike evidence to U.N. experts

Erika Solomon
Reuters [1]
August 24, 2013

Syrian activists say they are smuggling out body tissue samples from victims of an alleged chemical weapons attack outside Damascus and are trying to get them to a team of United Nations inspectors staying in a hotel a few miles away.

“The U.N. team spoke with us and since then we prepared samples of hair, skin and blood and smuggled them back into Damascus with trusted couriers,” said activist Abu Nidal, speaking from the town of Arbin.

Some activists worry their efforts could be for naught – with little equipment and under constant shelling it hard for them to prove their evidence has not be tampered with or damaged before it reaches U.N. experts.

The opposition accuses President Bashar al-Assad’s forces of firing rockets before dawn on Wednesday loaded which poison gas in the midst of a fierce offensive on the rebel-held suburbs that ring the capital.

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