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Record Fuel Prices Could Spark UK Protests

Daily Mail [1]
Friday, April 9, 2010

Fuel protests could be in the pipeline before the General Election as prices continue to soar at the pumps.

Prices have hit a record average of £1.20p a litre and industry experts have warned the price could rocket to £1.50p this summer due to the weak pound and  increased cost of wholesale fuel.

It comes just days after the Government put fuel duty up by 1p a litre.



Andrew Spence, a farmer, who led Fuel Lobby protesters at the Shell UK plant in Jarrow in both 2000 and 2005, has warned that angry hauliers are prepared to launch action and make petrol prices a political issue once again.

The 42-year-old said feelings were running high in the haulage industry and blockades could be back before the General Election.

Mr Spence, who also runs a haulage business, from Consett, County Durham, said:  ‘I am very aware of the situation as I run seven vehicles.

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