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Red alert over bizarre North Korean plan to attack G20 summit with balloons filled chemical weapons

James Chapman
UK Daily Mail
Nov 12, 2010

A bizarre plot by North Korea to attack the G20 summit using balloons filled with biological or chemical weapons emerged last night. 

The claim that ageing tyrant Kim Jong-Il will attempt to disrupt the gathering – attended by David Cameron and other world leaders – has been taken seriously by Western diplomats. 

U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has asked China, North Korea’s chief ally, to rein in Kim. And security is now at red alert for the conference in the South Korean capital Seoul.

Kim Jong-Un, Kim’s third son and expected successor, is thought to have been ordered to find ways to overshadow the meeting. 

His father’s secretive regime has acted aggressively in the past at times of internal change, external tension or when the rival South is the focus of world attention.

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