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Red Light WARning! – Ireland Sprints Towards Speed Camera Big Brother State

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Neil Foster
Sovereign Independent
June 1, 2010

On a day when Ireland gave away another €2 billion to a failed bank we were also ‘informed’ that it was now essential to roll out private speed cameras as soon as possible. We are LED to believe that throughout the whole EU member states that this will save a total of 2000 lives due to a ‘change in behaviour’ of drivers.

This means that in Ireland, for the vast amounts of money this will cost and indeed generate for the government we will save 16 lives in Ireland when, to be quite frank, common sense driving would save many times more.

Unfortunately, people aren’t sensible and will always take chances when they’re driving. Furthermore the vast majority of fatal accidents occur on second class and country roads.

I doubt very much whether the intention is to put cameras on these roads. No, instead they will be placed in positions most likely to generate income this being where the most traffic is likely to be. This means cities and major highways, dual carriageways and motorways where the least fatal accidents occur.

So why then bother stating quite misleadingly that these cameras are to prevent road deaths when obviously that is neither the intention or in fact, the real purpose of what are actually surveillance cameras?

The word ‘surveillance’ should give a clue, but for those who may be hard of thinking, so I’ll say it again, SURVEILLANCE.

  • A d v e r t i s e m e n t

If these PRIVATE cameras are rolled out en mass across the country, it basically creates a prison for those who object to being filmed wherever they go and so may well choose to stay in their own immediate vicinity. However, this is only the start.

Are we to go down the road that as our closest neighbour has already done and see CCTV cameras actually put into people’s homes ‘to make sure they bring up their children in a correct manner as specified by the government’? At present there are approximately 20,000 of these installed with plans to extend the scheme to 200,000 families being spied on in, what they thought was the privacy of, their own homes.

Speed cameras are only the start of the roll out of a totalitarian police state. They are nothing more than revenue collectors and surveillance apparatus for the very government who can’t get enough of your cash willingly and so find other sinister methods to do so. This is simply the start of a rush to tyranny.

The following is the typical propaganda piece full of misleading and totally incorrect figures etc etc

Private speed cameras to target drivers after dark

By Treacy Hogan

Tuesday June 01 2010

DRIVERS will have their speed checked under cover of darkness in an attempt to save up to 50 lives each year on Irish roads.

But claims that the privately operated speed cameras will be ’shooting fish in a barrel’ were rejected yesterday as the private company involved will be paid by the hour, not per offender detected.

New details of the speed cameras were unveiled yesterday at the international conference on road safety in Dublin Castle.

The cameras will operate in rotation between 600 locations identified on the Garda website www.garda.ie.

Road deaths fell by 40pc in France and 30pc in Sweden when similar schemes were introduced in those countries.

The target is for a reduction of 50 more road deaths here each year after the cameras are put in place.

Research published yesterday showed that speeding was directly responsible for 80 deaths on Irish roads last year.


According to the Road Safety Authority, a 5pc reduction in speed could save 50 lives and prevent up to 100 serious injuries each year.

Transport Minister Noel Dempsey said he would have preferred to see the cameras being rolled out 18 months ago, the date given in the Government’s road-safety strategy.

Mr Dempsey stressed that the camera operators would be paid for the time spent checking speeds, and not on the number of speeding detections they make.

Responding to reports that cutbacks in garda overtime budgets had reduced the number of garda speed checks, the minister said he would be unhappy if enforcement levels had fallen. However, he stressed that he believed gardai were doing a great job.

Superintendent Con O’Donohue, head of the Garda Office for Safety Camera Management, said the company would be directed by gardai as to the location, time and duration of the checks. The 6,000 hours of checks every month would be focused on the identified speed-enforcement zones which had a history of speed-related death and injury.

With the economic cost of each fatality put at €2.8m, Supt O’Donohue said the cost of the project — €16m a year for five years — would be made up if even six fewer speed-related road deaths took place.

If compliance was achieved at certain zones, other areas would then be brought into the system.

Supt O’Donohue said motorists would be aware of the zones where they ran a high risk of having their speed checked on a 24/7 basis. Speed checks would also be conducted in darkness for the first time.

“These checks will not be hidden. If motorists are under a greater danger driving in these areas then why should gardai not tell you where they (the enforcement zones) are?” said the garda chief.

Ellen Townsend, policy director at the European Transport Safety Council, said that deaths and injuries had fallen significantly in all countries where a proper speed-camera network was introduced.

“We would urge the Irish Government to prioritise the rollout of the network of safety cameras this year,” she said.

Matts Belin, of the Swedish Transport Administration, said they experienced a 30pc fall in road deaths as a result of bringing in a speed-camera network.

Meanwhile, speed cameras which measure a driver’s average speed between two fixed points to calculate if they are breaking the limit are to be erected at the entrance and exit of the Port Tunnel.

– Treacy Hogan

Irish Independent

This article was posted: Tuesday, June 1, 2010 at 4:18 am

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