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Redacting all but your privacy – DHS Voyeurism, Backscatter Vans and Body-scanners

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Owen Myles,
Activist Post
Aug 19, 2011

Apparently public information can be redacted into an unaccountable oblivion, and the only boundary to black-marks are your private parts where they end for the sake of voyeurism. EPIC’sFreedom of Information Act request [2] was answered with what looks more like a Hubble malfunction than a document regarding body-scanners and mobile X-ray [3] (Backscatter) vans. See PDF [4].

The implication of such things are many [5], and it is not surprising that the very agency vigilantlyattempting [6] to criminalize normal civilians [7] would want to keep these technologies as private as possible while applying them on the public. The good news – however hopeless – is that EPIC has filed suit to force disclosure of these documents. If it is the public who are to be the subjects of this technology, then it is the public who should be thoroughly informed of it. The DHS clearly opposes this, and seeks to covertly employ their spyware wherever they can. We really must ask where this will stop if left unchecked. The likeliest answer is that it will not.

The Eccentric Intelligence Agency [8]: Helping the Ouroboros finish itself.

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