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Rep. Jerry Nadler: ‘Benjamin Franklin Called Impeachment ‘a Substitute for Assassination’”

CNS News [1]
March 26, 2019

Rep. Jerry Nadler (D.-N.Y.) sat in the House Judiciary Committee on Dec. 10, 1998, and explained why he opposed the impeachment of President Bill Clinton by citing an argument that Benjamin Franklin had made in the Constitutional Convention.

“Benjamin Franklin called impeachment ‘a substitute for assassination,’ Nadler said in a speech that has been memorialized on video by CSPAN.

The House Judiciary Committee did in fact vote to approve four articles of impeachment against Clinton, finding that he had committed perjury, obstructed the administration of justice and abused his office.

“Today, for only the third time in our nation’s history, this committee meets to consider articles of impeachment against the president of the United States,” Nadler said in the Judiciary Committee on Dec. 10, 1998. “This is a momentous occasion, and I would hope that despite the sharp partisan tone which has marked this debate, we can approach it with a sober sense of the historic importance of this matter.

“I believe we need to get back to basics–the Constitution–and what the impeachment power conferred on the Congress requires of us,” Nadler said.

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