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Rep. Ron Paul: House Republicans would be “foolish” to accept debt limit deal

The State Column [1]
July 9, 2011

Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul issued a statement opposing a proposed deal on raising the nation’s debt limit, saying House Republicans should oppose any attempt to raise revenue.

“In fact, reports are they may be ready to cave in to Barack Obama’s demands for a trillion dollars in tax increases in exchange for mostly phony spending and tax cuts in order to raise the debt ceiling,” Mr. Paul said. “House Republicans would be foolish to go for this ploy and be taken in by the Obama administration, only to leave American taxpayers on the hook again for more out-of-control government spending.”

The Texas Republican said a proposed deal between House Speaker John Boehner and President Obama to cut nearly $4 trillion in spending and close loopholes for gas and oil companies.

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“In Washington, if you hear about a so-called deal, you can be sure the taxes will come, but the cuts never will,” the Texas Republican said. “Republicans cannot take the bait and get fooled again.”

Meanwhile, Mr. Boehner and Mr. Obama have said a deal between Republicans and Democrats remains elusive.

“There is no agreement in private or in public,” Mr. Boehner said at a Friday press conference. “It’s not like there is some imminent deal about to happen. There are serious disagreements about how to deal with this very serious problem.”

House Republicans met with Mr. Obama Thursday in an effort to reach a deal, however, both parties acknowledged an impasse remains. Mr. Obama said he will bring eight congressional leaders back to the White House for a meeting on Sunday aimed at a second attempt to reach a deal as an August 2 deadline approaches.