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Report: Authorities Seize $50 Million In Gold From Private Owner: “Nearly A Ton” *Video*

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Mac Slavo
April 7, 2013

After the theft of up to 40% of deposit accounts in Cyprus, a move that was approved and applauded by EU finance ministers, many Europeans who understand that the government will soon be coming for their savings as well are rapidly moving to extricate themselves from the global banking cartel. To do so, they are shifting paper assets and digital deposit accounts into tangible goods. One such tangible asset of last resort is gold, believed by many to be the only ‘currency’ that will survive the world-wide debasement of fiat paper currencies like the US Dollar, Japanese Yen and Euro.

But just because you own gold doesn’t mean you’re safe from the prying eyes and thieving hands of the government.

The following report from Italy highlights the growing trend in government confiscations of precious metals, investment assets, and critical resources.

When one obviously panicked family looking to get out of harms way before contagion spreads and financial Armageddon takes hold attempted to cross into Switzerland, customs agents on the border found much more than they expected.

After questioning the family and inspecting their vehicle police reportedly found one ton of gold hidden in the floor boards.

The nearly $50 million in gold was promptly seized by authorities.

But because taking one’s life savings is never enough for government goons whose job is to consider anyone with a pulse a criminal suspect or terrorist, the former owner of the gold is now being investigated by police for money laundering.

Police officers got the surprise of their lives when they found a treasure trove of gold bars hidden in a car at a border crossing with Switzerland. They haul weighed a ton…

The car belonged to an Italian family that lived in Switzerland.

*Note: The Bloomberg report above claims that one ton of gold valued at approximately $6 million was confiscated by Italian police. However, one ton of gold is equivalent to 32,000 ounces of gold. With the current price of gold around $1580, the total value of said gold exceeds $50 million US dollars. An earlier Bloomberg report calculated the value of this one ton of gold at $7.5 million.

If they know you own something of value, they will come for it.

Take note of the digital and paper trail left by your purchasing and storage habits. They are watching, no matter how benign you think your activities are. If you own physical assets, get creative with how you hide them. And if you are ever forced to transport your personal assets, be they gold, guns, ammo, food or the like, spend the time to take multiple trips if at all possible instead of putting all your eggs in one basket.

This article was posted: Sunday, April 7, 2013 at 6:24 am

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