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REPORT: Bloomberg Is Preparing For A Possible Run At Trump In 2020

The Daily Caller [1]
June 27, 2018

Former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg is gearing up to face President Donald Trump in the next presidential election.

Bloomberg, a billionaire activist who has helped fund various Democratic campaigns, considered running for president in 2016 as an Independent. If he runs against Trump in 2020, then he’ll campaign as a Democrat, sources told [2] CBS New York on Tuesday.

The former three-term mayor’s decision not to run against both Trump and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is weighing on his conscious, according to the sources, who claim Bloomberg thinks he could have disrupted the president’s path to victory.

Bloomberg would be the wealthiest and oldest person to run for office in U.S. history if he runs. He campaigned and won the New York City mayor’s race as a Republican before switching parties.

Bloomberg also  [3]supports efforts [3] to fight global warming and is one of the point men of local and state leaders “resisting” Trump’s withdrawal from the Paris climate accord, among other aspects of the president’s environmental agenda.

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