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Report: Israel made sure no Russians in Latakia – then attacked

Roi Kais
YNet News [1]
July 16, 2013

Even after US sources affirmed that Israel was the one behind the bombing of the Yakhont missile stockpile in Latakia, Syria, the whole story behind the attack on the anti-ship cruise missiles remains murky.

Monday evening, Lebanese channel MTV reported that Israel had bombed the advanced land-to-sea missiles, which had been transferred from Russia to President Bashar Assad, only after it made sure that no Russian experts were on-site.

At the same time, Syrian news site Al Hakika quoted Turkish officials who said that a senior rebel source, Malik al-Kurdi, sent a message to the US that Yakhont missiles had arrived in Syria and Assad intended to give them to Hezbollah.

The sources, close to the Free Syrian Army command in Istanbul, said that al-Kurdi, who defected from the Syrian Army in 2011, recently sent a message to the US military attaché in Ankara via a Turkish officer, asking to meet in order to pass on “important information of interest to the US and Israel regarding Hezbollah and the Syrian regime.”

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