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Report: Order To Send Tommy Robinson to Heavily Muslim-Populated Prison Came From “The Top”

Activist’s safety in danger as a result of ‘high risk’ status being removed from his file

Paul Joseph Watson
June 14, 2018


The order to send Tommy Robinson to a heavily Muslim-populated prison came from “the top,” according to the activist’s manager.

As we reported yesterday, Robinson was moved from a low security prison in Hull to a high security prison in the Midlands with a significantly higher Muslim population, putting his life in danger.

According to a new update from Robinson’s manager Caolan Robertson, “Orders came from ‘the top’ to move him.”

Robertson adds that references to Robinson being a high risk prisoner were removed from his file and that’s why he was placed on a wing with many Muslim prisoners.

According to Robertson, Robinson’s new cell “consists of just a blue mat on the floor”.

The activist’s manager also confirms that an Imam at the prison, “Was telling other inmates that Tommy was arriving the day before he was transferred. The governor and guards from both prisons had no idea of this move until the second it happened.”

“Prisoners were banging on the walls ‘all night’ and screaming his name. Death threats were echoing through the new wing. An ‘official contract’ has been put out to have him killed, within the prison. He is well but very concerned,” added Robertson.

Last night, Dutch MP and opposition leader Geert Wilders reacted the news by pointing the finger at Britain’s new Home Secretary Sajid Javid and Prime Minister Theresa May.

“If he’s hurt you will have blood on your hands and people all over the world will hold you accountable. Be wise and release him. Now,” tweeted Wilders.


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