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Report says US Is Preparing to Attack Iran

Hamsayeh.Net [1]
March 16, 2010

Western media report a US secret plan to move massive amount of weaponry close to Iran for carrying out multiple strikes against Iranian nuclear facilities.

Based on a report by Scotland’s Sunday Herald  the Obama administration has contracted a Florida based company to ship bunker buster bombs and other armaments to the island of Diego Garcia situated in the Indian Ocean with close proximity to the Iranian territory. Diego Garcia, a small island occupied by the UK until 70’s was transferred to the US for use as a military base.


The report by the Sunday Herald cites the secretive move to be a familiar Obama administration strategy in dealing with the Iranian nuclear program.


But, some military analysts dismiss the likelihood of a US military attack on Iranian nuclear program because of broader repercussions that such a strike might have. In recent weeks, the United States experienced a number of setbacks concerning the Iranian program when China, Russia, Brazil and other powers rejected a call for tougher sanctions against Tehran.


Because of the setbacks many analysts believe the US is currently undergoing a period of ultimate frustrations and identity crisis which would lead to its further isolation on the international scene.