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Report: Shots fired toward Assad during visit to embattled city of Homs

Reuters and Haaretz [1]
March 27, 2012

Opposition forces in Syria reported Tuesday that shots were fired toward the entourage of Syrian President Bashar Assad during his visit to the defeated rebel stronghold in the city of Homs.

The report did not give further details and did not specify the origin of the shooting.
Syrian state television showed video of Assad, wearing an open-necked shirt with a blue suit, walking casually in the Baba Amr district, which was reclaimed by his forces earlier this month after 26 days of heavy bombardment.

“Life will return to normal in Baba Amr, better than it was before,” Assad told a group of people shouting support for the president.

Activists says hundreds of civilians and opponents of Assad were killed in opposition areas of Homs in February by army shelling and snipers.

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