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Report: Syria Rebels Get Libyan Weapons

Prison Planet.com
June 22, 2013

The New York Times reports today [1] that Syrian “rebels” are getting their hands on Libyan stockpiles of weapons that belonged to Colonel Qadaffi. The report states that the arms transfers are largely being financed by Qatar.

This has been going on for some time with the full knowledge [2] of the international community.

The Times reports that this situation is a “turnabout” because Qadaffi armed terrorists to overthrow regimes he didn’t like.

However, that is exactly what is going on in Syria, because, as we have tirelessly documented, the Syrian rebels are Al-Qaeda. There is no “turnabout”, it is the same deal – arm terrorists to overthrow an unwanted regime.

The Times even previously reported [3] that the weapons ending up in Syrian hands were being funneled across the Turkish border via the CIA, with full US government approval.

In reality, the US has been arming known Al Qaeda terrorists in Syria for months.