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Repression worse now than under Mubarak, says report

Alex Spillius
London Telegraph [1]
November 22, 2011

Amnesty International on Tuesday accused Egypt’s rulers of levels of brutality that sometimes exceed those of Hosni Mubarak’s regime, saying that the hopes of protesters had been “crushed” since the former president was forced to step down.

It said that Egypt’s Supreme Council of Armed Forces, which assumed control after the 18-day uprising that toppled Mr Mubarak in February, had made only empty promises to improve human rights.

Crackdowns on dissent have claimed numerous lives, including at least 33 people who have been killed in Cairo’s Tahrir Square over the past few days as throngs returned to the crucible of the earlier pro-democracy protests.

Amnesty’s report was issued as protestors in the second city of Alexandria reported that tear gas had been fired on from helicopters. The health ministry said 40 people had been injured though students claimed the real number was in the hundreds.

The human rights group said military courts had tried thousands of civilians and emergency law had been extended. Torture had continued in army custody, and there were consistent reports of security forces employing armed “thugs” to attack protesters, it added.

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