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Riddle of missing G20 death CCTV after police watchdog’s claim there were no cameras nearby is proved to be wrong

Daily Mail [1]
Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The police watchdog investigating the death of a newspaper seller during the G20 protests today did a U-turn over claims there were no CCTV cameras where the assault took place.

The Independent Police Complaints Commission has backtracked after first insisting there were no cameras to capture it on film.

Probe: two cameras cover Royal Exchange Passage, near where Ian Tomlinson collapsed after he was knocked over by police
Photographs reveal that several cameras could have captured footage of the incident two weeks ago, contradicting comments made by Nick Hardwick, the chairman of the Independent Police Complaints Commission.

Mr Hardwick made the claim in response to the IPCC being accused of sweeping away evidence of police brutality.

Ian Tomlinson, 47, died of a heart attack minutes after being knocked to the ground.

Critics have accused the commission of being slow to react to allegations that he was attacked by police officers, and have claimed that it launched an investigation only after being given video evidence taken by a member of the public.

Mr Hardwick said it took so long because there was no CCTV footage of the incident available. On Thursday he said: ‘There is no CCTV footage. There were no cameras in the location where he was assaulted.’

However, several cameras appear to be trained on the corner of Threadneedle Street and Royal Exchange Passage.

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