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Rioters and Vigilantes Divide Along Racial Lines

Paul Lewis
Guardian Live [1]
Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Video shows white men running to confront rioters in Enfield chanting “England”.

There has been a brief but worrying flashpoint in north Enfield – Hertford Road – with apparent attempts at vigilantism, reports Paul Lewis.

It was only a minor skirmish, but a potentially bad sign for community relations. Police, who have flooded the streets, were quickly on the scene when about 70 men
started chasing local youths.

I wouldn’t mention their ethnicity, but it seemed to be relevant. The men were white – in their 30s and 40s – and shouting that they wanted to get the “blacks” and “pakis”. Lots of them seemed drunk. One man being held back by police shouted: “They’re rats, they mugged my Auntie the other night.”

Jay Bradley, 30, a witness, told me: “What happened here? What I just saw – everyone from this area aren’t gonna have any looting.

What I saw was a couple of ethnic lads, if you can call them that, black lads, and they chased them away.

A lot of it is alcohol – I don’t think the kids were doing anything. They were just on bikes and in masks.

But no-one around here is going to stand for any looting. What are we supposed to do. The Co-op is closed and we’re running out of food.”

8.03pm: [2] The Guardian’s interactive map [3] listing verified incidents of disorder has been updated to take account of recent events in Manchester, says my colleague Hannah Waldram.

Full story here. [1]