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Robot that looks like young girl unveiled

Matthew Moore
London Telegraph [1]
Wednesday, Oct 8, 2008

A life-like robot created to look like a five-year-old girl has been unveiled by scientists in Japan.

The robogirl, known as Repliee R-1, has flexible silicone skin and contains dozens of sensors and motors, allowing it to move and interact with its surroundings like a human.

The robot even has eyes that blink and pig tails, creating a spooky effect has led to comparisons with the boy robot David in Steven Spielberg’s 2001 science-fiction movie AI: Artificial Intelligence.

The team at Osaka University’s robotics department behind Repliee R-1 claim it is the most realistic robot suit ever created.

It has been designed to do basic tasks for the elderly and disabled, such as fetching objects. The scientists hope that its life-like features will put people at their ease, and help them get over their reluctance to interact with a robot.

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Cyberdyne, a robotics firm, hopes to start mass producing the models within days, according to reports.

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