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Rockets hit Israeli airbase near Tel Aviv

Press TV [1]
Friday, Jan 9, 2008

Hamas has announced that its al-Qassam grad rockets have hit a major Israeli airbase near Tel Aviv, which is believed to house nuclear arms.

Tel Nof, which is one of Israel’s three main air bases, has been hit by Palestinian missiles, the al-Aqsa TV station, affiliated with Hamas, reported on Friday.

The air base is situated just 27 kilometers away from Tel Aviv on the outskirts of Rehovot, an Israeli city to the south of the capital.

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Tel Nof is home top a number of Israeli fighter and helicopter squadrons as well as several special military units. Israel allegedly stores its nuclear weapons in and around the base.

The close distance between Tel Aviv and the base shows just how successful Hamas has been in launching its home-made rockets deeper into Israel than ever before.

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The home-made Palestinian rockets spread widespread panic among Israelis.

Tel Aviv officials had initially said that they seek to stop rocket fire into Israel by attacking the Palestinian enclave.

The reported attack comes after Israel launched more deadly raids in Gaza on the 14 the day of its military operation in the coastal strip, raising the number of Palestinians killed to almost 800.

The Israeli raids came after the UN passed a binding resolution, calling for an immediate and durable cease-fire, the withdrawal of Israeli forces and the opening of all border crossings to the Gaza Strip.