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Romania to use royal links to Dracula to attract British tourists

London Telegraph [1]
Nov 5, 2012

The unique marketing strategy traces the Royal Family’s connection to Vlad III, Prince of Walachia, more commonly known as Vlad the Impaler due to his penchant for impaling his enemies on stakes in the ground and leaving them to die.

Many academics have suggested that the character of Dracula, created by author Bram Stoker, was based on Vlad.

It is believed that the royal links with Vlad the Impaler come through Queen Mary, the consort of George V, and great-grandmother of the Prince of Wales.


Last year Prince Charles claimed he was related to Vlad the Impaler, in an interview to promote the preservation of forests in Romania’s Transylvania region.

He joked: “The genealogy shows that I am descended from Vlad the Impaler. So I have a bit of a stake in the country”

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