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Romney mulls early VP announcement

AFP [1]
July 18, 2012

Mitt Romney may be preparing to unveil his running mate sooner rather than later, amid speculation the Republican White House contender is seeking to shift the spotlight away from his business and tax records.

Some observers have honed in on this week, and notably Romney’s appearance at a campaign event in the must-win state of Ohio on Wednesday, as one in the narrowing list of possible periods in which the candidate may announce who will be on his ticket as he challenges President Barack Obama in November.

The question is: will Romney make a safe pick — Senator Rob Portman of Ohio and former Minnesota governor Tim Pawlenty top most short lists — or will he go for a riskier but energizing choice, like ex-secretary of state Condoleezza Rice or Senator Marco Rubio of Florida, that could set a spark to his campaign?

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