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Romney snooping on Americans’ private data to sniff out potential donors

Jessica Van Sack
Boston Herald [1]
August 25, 2012

Mitt Romney’s presidential campaign is reportedly using the same data-mining techniques as Fortune 500 companies, enabling his fundraising team to hone in on everything from voters’ church attendance to their spending habits.

It’s the same technology that a company like Netflix has successfully deployed to identify common patterns of movie-watching and suggest new titles to subscribers in an attempt to retain membership.

For the Romney campaign, data mining may have led to an impressive fundraising boost in the traditionally Democratic San Francisco area, according to The Associated Press.

“An early test analyzed details of more than 2 million households near San Francisco and elsewhere on the West Coast and identified thousands of people who would be comfortably able and inclined to give Romney at least $2,500 or more,” according to the AP, which reported that the project relied on such information as charitable contributions, credit profiles, property tax records and survey responses to target its money-making push.

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