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Ron Paul and Rick Perry Set To Clash at Republican Debate

Death & Taxes [1]
Sept 7, 2011

Ron Paul’s attacks on Rick Perry guarantee the two men will have a face-off during tonight’s Republican presidential debate. Mitt Romney can heave a sigh of relief.

Ron Paul is definitely going after rival Rick Perry. Paul last Friday described sudden front-runner Perry a “candidate of the week,” [2] and his team yesterday released an ad highlighting the Texas governor’s work on Al Gore’s [3] 1988 presidential campaign.

“Rick Perry helped lead Al Gore’s campaign to undo the Reagan revolution, fighting to elect Al Gore president of the United States,” says the narrator, who also points out that Paul was one of only four congressmen who endorsed Reagan’s presidential run. “Now America must decide who to trust: Al Gore’s Texas cheerleader, or the one who stood with Reagan?”

The Perry camp responded by reminding voters that Paul abandoned the GOP over Reagan’s policies, pointing to a letter in which Paul wrote, “There is no credibility left for the Republican Party as a force to reduce the size of government… That is the message of the Reagan years.”

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