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Ron Paul Challenges Romney In NH Donations Tally

Steve Watson
July 22, 2011

Texas Congressman Ron Paul raised more than any other GOP candidate in the State of New Hampshire this quarter, with the exception of Mitt Romney, proving once again that he is a serious contender for the presidency in 2012.

Despite not conducting any major fundraising events, the Libertarian Congressman raised $33,095 from 74 donors in the first in the nation primary state.

The total far outstrips any other Republican contender, with the exception of Romney who, as it is well known, has extensive financial clout behind his campaign.

Of the other contenders, Former Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty emerged most successful, rasing $18,535 from 19 donors.

The rest of the pack  – Former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson, businessman Herman Cain, former Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum and Minnesota Congresswoman Michele Bachmann all raised less than $11,000.  Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich pulled in just $1,300 from three donations.

As the Boston Globe points out, Paul even managed to raise more than president Obama, who took $25,085 from 85 donors.

The Globe analysed filings with the Federal Election Commission for the fundraising quarter ending June 30 and found that  Romney received $98,775 from 82 separate donations by New Hampshire residents.

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Ron Paul is well aware that donations must be transformed into votes, however, and has previously acknowledged that money, though important to his campaign, is not the be all and end all.

Last month the Congressman held a money bomb drive, noting that Mitt Romney was able to raise $10 million from his “bailed-out banker buddies on Wall Street” in one day.

“Establishment candidates are revving up their campaigns and trying to blow the field away with massive fundraising totals,” Paul’s campaign email [2] stated. “These influence peddlers want to install a different conductor on the Big Government gravy train.”

Paul’s money bomb raised over $1 million by tapping  real and growing grassroots support, a factor that Paul and his supporters claim Romney’s campaign lacks.

Last week it was revealed [3] that the Congressman raised more than $4.5 million in the second fundraising quarter and now has more than $4 million in available cash for his presidential bid.