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Ron Paul Responds to Miss USA Contestants Promoting NSA

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June 20, 2013

Ron Paul has a response to Miss Alabama, who said she feels safe when the government tracks her telephone messages [1].

“Government could make us perfectly safe if we’re perfect slaves,” former Congressman Paul said.

Ron Paul gave this accurate response during his Wednesday, June 20 interview on the Alex Jones Show. During the show, Alex said he listened to the responses by Miss USA contestants when asked about the NSA and other government scandals. He asked Paul what he would say to Miss Alabama, who doesn’t realize that government is always the big threat to safety.

“They [the contestants] have to come around to the belief of the majority of American people now that the government doesn’t tell us truth,” Paul said. “If you become a slave they [the government] might feed us well but we have no liberties left. We would be safe from outsiders but we wouldn’t be safe from our own government or our slave owners.”

Paul said that the Miss USA contestants believe the only responsibility of government is to keep us safe.

“They [the Founding Fathers] never even talk about safety in the Constitution,” he said. “The President and the Congress is supposed to protect our liberties and we’re supposed to worry about our safety, security, and how we provide for our families.”