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Ron Paul Warns Of Coming “Social And Political Chaos”

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Congressman delivers timely State Of The Republic address

Steve Watson
Friday, Jan 22, 2010

Texas Congressman Ron Paul has delivered a riveting “State of The Republic” address on his Campaign for Liberty website, orating his thoughts on where the U.S. stands as a nation and what the future holds.

Paul warns that if the country continues along the course it is on, we will witness a three stage slide into social and political chaos, beginning with the current financial crisis, a coming dollar crisis, and culminating in mass unrest.

“Reality is setting in,” the Congressman urges, adding that the only way to prevent social breakdown is to embrace liberty and self reliance and reject the nanny state and government dependency.

“We are rapidly moving toward a dangerous time in our history. Society as we know it is vulnerable to political and social unrest. This impending crisis comes as a consequence of our flawed foreign and domestic economic policies, a silly notion of money, ignorance about central banking, ignoring the onerous power and mischief of out of control intelligence agencies, our unsustainable welfare state and a willingness to sacrifice privacy and civil liberties in an attempt to achieve safety and security from an inept government.”

“Dangerous times indeed.” The Congressman states, stressing that a street fight to restore liberty is not a good option.

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“The only way that we can prevent blood from running in the streets is to offer a better idea of the proper role of government in a society that desires, first and foremost, liberty.”

“The social unrest will illicit cries for the government to exert unusual force to head off a complete breakdown of law and order. The ultimate trap will be set for a system of government claiming to protect a free society.” Paul states.

“If more power and police authority are not given to the Federal government, it will be argued that only anarchy will result. If more government policing power is given, it will mean a lethal threat to civil liberties.”

The Congressman also warns that it is naive to assume that the American people will not be the eventual target of draconian laws and restrictions already introduced in the wake of 9/11.

“Our civil leaders will not be hesitant to use these powers to maintain order, tragically, the people may even demand it.” he says

The Congressman elegantly lays out the intricacies of the financial crisis and its history, specifically pointing the finger of blame at the Fed and in particular Ben Bernanke, referring to the crisis as Bernanke’s “very risky experiment with the health of our country and the wealth of our economy.”

“The worldwide financial system built on a foundation of paper has received the shockwaves of an impending collapse. The wild speculation in the derivatives market, the stock market bubble, the insurmountable debt, public and private, and the massive malinvestments have been shattered.”

Paul points out that doubling the money supply can hardly be a solution to a problem stemming from the creation of excess credit.

“It wouldn’t make much sense for a doctor taking care of a very sick patient from severe infection, to deliberately give the patient another infection – yet that is what the PhD doctors are doing to our very sick economy.”

“The only solution so far offered has been to print more money faster, keep interest rates low, at practically 0%, and remove all stops for controlling deficits. These are the very policies that caused the disequalibrium, and doing more of the same, but only faster, can hardly help our economy.” Paul comments.

“When it is revealed that the insider friends of the Fed and Congress get billions of dollars in bailout at the expense of the middle class, it’s no wonder the people are taking to the streets and directing their hostilities towards both Republicans and Democrats in Washington.”

Watch The Congressman’s State of The Republic Address in full:

This article was posted: Friday, January 22, 2010 at 11:47 am

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