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Ron Paul Warns Of Major Economic Event

Steve Watson
Infowars.net [1]
Friday, July 25, 2008

Texas Congressman Ron Paul made a short appearance on the nationally syndicated Alex Jones show yesterday and elaborated on his recent warning of an imminent major event that could send liberty into hibernation.

Referring to his statement before the House [2] last week in which he warned of “chaos about to be unleashed” on the economic and political system, the Congressman told listeners:

“Most of the thoughts going through my mind concerned the relationship of foreign policy and how it’s draining and bankrupting us and the critical problems that we have in the financial sector today.”

“I dwell on the dollar because hundreds of billions of dollars have been allotted to bail out the housing program, that puts weight on the dollar, and the dollar is going down so we can expect a lot of inflation and a weak economy and I think we’re seeing the beginning of a major economic event.” Paul continued.

“If you don’t save the dollar, everybody is going to suffer a lot more than anyone ever dreamed of, I mean you can keep trying to prop up the system and reinflate the bubble, and try to care of everybody receiving welfare checks, but what happens when the money doesn’t buy anything?”

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The Congressman also warned of hidden items within the recent housing bill, which he has dubbed “the mother of all bailouts [3]“:

“Inside that bill they decided that they are going to start fingerprinting anybody who works within the mortgage business as a supposed solution to our problems. Also in that bill they have a new law that says that every single credit card transaction will be reported to the IRS, and they raised the national debt by $800 million dollars.” Paul commented.

The Congressman also commented on his frightening experience earlier this week when a plane he was a passenger on suddenly depressurized and was forced to make an emergency landing in New Orleans.

In addition he revealed details of the rally he’s hosting in Minneapolis in September to coincide with the RNC, which has now moved to a bigger venue [4] and blossomed into a three-day Campaign for Liberty mini-convention.

Check www.campaignforliberty.com [5] for more information.

Listen to the interview segment here: