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Rove: ‘One year from now, Gitmo won’t be closed.’

Think Progress [1]
Monday, Jan 26, 2009

In a recent speech at the University of Miami [2], Karl Rove expressed his pessimism that President Obama will be able to carry through [3] on his pledge to close Guantanamo:

“One year from now, Gitmo won’t be closed…. If it is, there will be an uproar in the U.S. about where to put these people.”

Indeed, it will be very difficult to close Guantanamo, made harder in fact by the incompetence of the Bush administration. This weekend, the Washington Post reported that the administration’s plans to “quickly close the military prison there were set back last week when incoming legal and national security officials — barred until the inauguration from examining classified material on the [Gitmo] detainees — discovered that there were no comprehensive case files [4] on many of them.”