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‘Royal Baby’ Worship: From Declaring Independence from Monarchy to Embracing It

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Anthony Gucciardi
Prison Planet.com
July 26, 2013

We have officially gone from declaring independence from a tyrannical monarch known as King George to downright obsessing over the birth of yet another future King George, the ‘royal baby’ George Alexander Louis.

I’ve talked in the past about how the founding fathers would be truly ashamed at the state of our nation, from Constitution-free zones to NSA spying and mega banks dismantling the economy, but the new worship of monarchy within the United States is truly the pinnacle of absolute betrayal against the ideology that ignited 1776.

It truly represents the fact that as a society we have abandoned our fight against ‘royalty’ that consider themselves to be demigods. So-called ‘destined’ figureheads who claim to have the right to rule over the people, all while historically keeping it within the family through incest in order to maintain bloodlines from outside influence (because we are worthless peons to them).

Figureheads that are now adorned in the media as gods among us, monarchs that are  now meant to invoke worship from the American people who are literally talking about the royal baby at dinner as a subject of interest.

Americans that have obsessed over the potential name of the new ‘royal baby’, who has now been (in an act of irony or cruel intention) given the name of George — ultimately positioned to become King George VII. And let me be clear, if we continue on this path we can be sure that by the time this day comes it will be very similar to the tyranny that led to the creation of the Declaration of Independence against George III. Only this time, the people may very well welcome their monarch overlords. And it won’t be the royal baby ruling with an iron fist, it will be the ‘elected’ leaders.

But it doesn’t matter because these monarchs have fancy names that demean the average person and make them sound important. After all, it’s the amazing royal baby — look how royal he is!

Just look at this CBS News article revealing the ‘royal baby’ name, which is on the homepage as top news. Not only does it have a disturbing 9,000 Facebook shares (just getting real information like the fact that the DHS says the Constitution is no longer valid to 4,000 Facebook shares is a real challenge), but the rest of the mainstream media is also covering this announcement as if it were on par with real news. A quick Google search reveals virtually all American news outlets are covering this as their top story, with CNN running multiple pieces exploring the history of the baby’s name and eagerly addressing the new monarch as His Royal Highness in a display of groveling bewilderment.

Thankfully, it seems many commenters are truly astounded to see such ridiculous coverage. A comment by TJK43219 on CBS News reads:

“It is annoying the way Americans fawn over the Royals. We fought for our independence from Britain hundreds of years ago. Now Americans are kissing Britsh royalty butt. So sad.”

Unfortunately on the same report, some ‘royal baby’ fanatics from the US express their bedazzlement over the new royal baby that apparently gives their lives new meaning. After all, the mainstream media says it’s breaking top news. MISSKING2U writes in the comment section of the story:

“I love Prince George’s name. I also love the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. Its refreshing to see a young, beautiful couple who exudes traditional images of family, faith and wholesome living. I’m American and I’m inspired by them. I love that they kept with tradition in naming their little one George. I think all future kings should be subjected to traditional royal names. Doing this, sets them apart.”

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This article was posted: Friday, July 26, 2013 at 5:03 am

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