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ROYAL FAIL: Far-Left Posties Plot to Hand Corbyn Victory by REFUSING To Deliver Postal Votes

Politicalite [1]
November 5, 2019

GREEDY Bosses of a far-left Militant posties Union have sparked outrage among Brits after they plotted to WRECK the General Election on December 12 by refusing to deliver postal votes – and it could hand power to Jeremy Corbyn. 

In a row over pay and bonuses The Communication Workers Union (CWU) headed by staunch Corbynite ally Dave Ford has threatened to hold Britain to ransom by refusing to deliver postal votes in a “politically calculated” move. 

The Telegraph reported [2] that the move could hamper Tory votes, as half of Tory voters are 65 and over. 

More elderly people vote by post – and the move could hand power to Jeremy Corbyn – stealing the General Election and wreaking Union misery on Britain for years to come. 

Tory MP Andrea Leadsom lambasted the far-left militants and accused the posties of “holding the country to ransom.”

The “CWU’s threat to ruin Christmas and disrupt the postal system during the general election is just a preview of things to come if Jeremy Corbyn is ever allowed near the keys to Number 10.” said Leadsom

“The timing of this threat is clearly politically calculated and would disrupt both the election and people’s Christmas deliveries.”

Tory MP Michael Fabricant told [3] The Sun: “Whatever the reasons, this action by militant union barons threatens our very democratic process.”

“This winter election will be even more dependent on postal votes than usual. This must not be jeopardised.

“I call on postal workers not to threaten our democratic process which would be very damaging for our nation.”

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