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Royal wedding street party for republicans is banned by council

Anti-monarchy group claims north London council’s refusal to let it hold a street party is politically motivated

Stephen Bates,
London Guardian [1]
April 11, 2011

A street party for republicans wishing not to celebrate the royal wedding has been banned by a north London council.

The anti-monarchy pressure group Republic has complained that its application to close a street in Covent Garden for its party has been turned down by Camden council. The council claims that it told the group to provide a management plan and consult local residents and it failed to do so.

The decision left Republic vowing to take court action. Its executive officer Graham Smith complained: “This is a disgraceful attack on the rights of republicans to make their voice heard and to hold a fun and peaceful event. Camden council is allowing a few vocal residents and businesses to veto any event they do not support … (It) is seeking to silence and marginalise us without any legitimate reason.

“We can only assume this is a politically motivated ban and we will challenge it all the way.”

Full article here [2]

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