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Provocateurs In Greece Causing Brutal Police Crackdown on Leigitmate Protesters

Russia Today [1]
Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Greece is at boiling point – with police firing tear gas at crowds of angry protesters. Thousands of demonstrators are trying to block access to the Parliament building, where the government is discussing more cutbacks to secure further rescue loans. The deal on the table suggests suffocating austerity measures, such as more taxes and a four-year privatisation programme. If Greeks fail to tighten their belts, they face being cut off from vital European aid worth hundreds of billions of euros. RT’s Sara Firth is watching events unfold in Athens.

RT crew caught in Athens tear gas chaos, slammed by Greek rioters

Russia Today [2]
Wednesday, June 15, 2011

RT film crew in Athens got caught in the middle of violent street protests. The cameraman has been slammed by a group of protesters, while correspondent Sara Firth required medical assistance due to tear gas exposure.


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