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Russia to create meteor defense shield

Alexandra Zakharova
Voice Of Russia [1]
February 19, 2013

The Russian Planetary Defense Center will need a maximum of 7 years to create a system that would protect the Earth against meteors and other space debris. At present, scientists have 24 scenarios to save the planet from Near-Earth Objects. In addition to technology, people should be prepared for meteor disasters as well.

A global set of meteor defense measures includes more than 20 variants of dealing with meteoroids, comets and other space objects that pose a potential threat to the Earth. Russia’s space experts and emergency workers believe that a system that guarantees people protection against meteor impacts should be dealt with first, particularly following the meteor strike of several days ago when radars were powerless to help. A whole network of shelters and bunkers should be built to secure protection against meteorites. In addition, a number of satellites will be sent to orbit in the next few years to track dangerous objects flying by. A Voice of Russia correspondent met with Anatoly Zaitsev, director of the Planetary Defense Center.

“The satellites should be provided with telescopes. Flying debris cannot always be detected from the Earth because astronomers can observe only the dark side of the sky from the Earth. Reconnaissance satellites are also needed to explore the nature of the debris. These ‘scout rockets’, which will follow the shortest trajectories, will provide data needed to organize the launch of interceptor rockets. The objects that pose a danger to the Earth should be pushed off their trajectories or destroyed.”

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