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Russian general denies reports he was killed by FSA

Roi Kais
YNet News [1]
August 8, 2012

Russian General Vladimir Petrovich Kojye denied reports he was killed by Syrian rebels on Wednesday. “I wish to confirm that I am live and well,” he told reporters in Moscow. He did not mention when he last visited Damascus.

“My phone hasn’t stop ringing all day,” he told Russia’s Interfax news agency.

The Free Syrian Army, Syria’s largest armed rebel group, announced Wednesday that its men have killed a Russian general who was an advisor to former Syrian Defense Minister Dawoud Rajih. Rajih himself was killed in an attack in Damascus several weeks ago.

In a message aired by Al-Arabiya, an FSA representative said that the elimination of General Vladimir Petrovich Kojye and his personal translator proves that Russia is deeply involved in the Syrian crisis.

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