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September 02, 2002
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Headline News
Russian Expert Who ‘Predicted’ Attacks Warns of New Ones
Dr. Alexandr Nemets
Thursday, Oct. 4, 2001
The same Russian government expert who predicted last July that America was about to suffer a "financial attack" –- and encouraged Russian citizens to cash out dollars and buy rubles and gold –- has again surfaced to make more stunning forecasts.

Dr. Tatyana Koryagina gained some credibility in the Russian media because of her prediction of an unusual catastrophe that was about to hit the U.S.

She said it would take place on Aug. 19 and would collapse the U.S. economy.

Koryagina is a senior research fellow in the Institute of Macroeconomic Researches subordinated to Russian Ministry of Economic Development (Minekonom). She is reportedly close to President Putin’s inner circle.

On July 12, 2001, Pravda published a Page One story on her predictions entitled "The Dollar and America Will Fall Down on August 19? -- That's the Opinion of Dr. Tatyana Koryagina, Who Very Accurately Predicted the August Default in 1998."

In her July interview, Koryagiuna told Pravda: "The U.S. has been chosen as the object of financial attack because the financial center of the planet is located there. The effect will be maximal. The strike waves of economic crisis will spread over the planet instantly, and will remind us of the blast of a huge nuclear bomb."

Late last month, Pravda re-interviewed Dr. Koryagina to get her take on the events of Sept. 11.

Koryagina made the following key points in an article entitled "Who Will Strike America in Its Back?":

New Strikes Will Come. In the near term, she said, "the powerful group" that masterminded the events of Sept. 11 will make new strikes against America –- of a financial nature and otherwise. She said they will "strike America in the back" and bring it down.

She noted that Americans are consolidating around their government and preparing retaliatory strikes against the "terrorists." However, Americans are trembling about spending. When they understand, after the upcoming new strikes, that their government can guarantee them nothing, they will panic -- causing a collapse of their financial system.

Didn’t Make Serious Mistake. About her forecast of July 12, Dr. Koryagina said, "I did not make a serious mistake. Indeed, between August15 and 20, the dollar started trembling under the pressure of multiple bad news about the U.S. and world economy. And within weeks, the Manhattan skyscrapers fell down. As a result, a significant part of the world financial network was paralyzed. This strike was aimed at destabilization and destruction of America and [in domino fashion] all the countries making countless billions of dollars."

The Powerful Group. Who is behind these strikes? Koryagina claims the U.S. is painting a false picture. She said the operation was not the work of 19 terrorists but a larger group seeking to reshape the world. She claimed a group of extremely powerful private persons, with total assets of about $300 trillion, intends to legalize its power and to become the new world government. The Sept. 11 strikes showed that this group is afraid of nothing -- human lives have zero value for them.

Koryagina again encouraged Russian citizens to cash out dollars. The Koryagina claims are not easily dismissed, especially her clear indications in the interview before Sept. 11 that the attacks on America’s financial system would be of an unusual nature. Her comments also mirrored similar warnings issued by Russian officials.

Still, this story raises other questions. Did the Russian government know in advance and what was their involvement?

On Sept. 28 the Washington Times reported that "U.S. intelligence agencies have uncovered information that Russian criminal groups have been supplying Osama bin Laden and his al-Qaida terrorist network with components for chemical, biological and nuclear weapons."

Of course, the Russian mafia has very close ties with Russia’s intelligence agencies.

It is important to note that Russia is a significant backer of almost every state sponsor of terrorism, some with links to bin Laden’s group. These include Iraq, Iran, Syria, Libya, North Korea and Cuba.

Editor's note: Col. Stanislav Lunev, Russia's highest-anking military defector warns in "CIA Files" new details of Russia's links to terrorists and the nations that support them. To find out more -- CLICK HERE.

Dr. Nemets is a consultant to the American Foreign Policy Council (AFPC). An expert in Chinese-Russian strategic military alliance development, he has spent the last several years researching Chinese and Russian economic and military issues. Dr. Nemets worked from 1986-92 at the Presidium of Russian Academy of Sciences. He immigrated to the United States in December 1994.

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