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Salvini: Italy Once Again ‘Europe’s Refugee Camp’ as Leftist Government Reopens Ports

Breitbart [1]
September 16, 2019

ROME — Matteo Salvini has sharply criticized the Italian government’s shift in immigration policy, saying that Italy is going back to being “Europe’s refugee camp.”

The leader of Italy’s populist League (Lega) party has sent out a flurry of tweets Saturday and Sunday slamming a rollback of his decrees as interior minister to curb illegal immigration, accusing the new Five Star-Democratic Party government of betraying the Italian people.

“Now the new leftist government is reopening the ports: hardly advocates of the Italians, here I see advocates of illegal immigrants,” he wrote [2].

On Saturday, Dario Franceschini, Italy’s new Minister of Cultural Heritage and Activities and a member of the Democrats (PD) sent out a tweet [3] explaining the new policy toward migrants and NGOs.

“The government assigns a safe port to #OceanViking and the migrants will be welcomed in many European countries,” he said. “The end of Salvini’s propaganda on the skin of desperate people at sea. Politics and good international relations are back to address and solve the problem of migration.”

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