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SAS troops dressed in Arab clothes join hunt for Gaddafi as £1m reward is offered for dictator’s head

UK Daily Mail [1]
Aug 25, 2011


SAS troops are on the ground in Libya helping rebels to scour buildings and entrances to tunnels in the hunt for runaway leader Colonel Gaddafi.

The crack squad of elite soldiers are dressed in Arab clothes and carrying the same AK47s and Kalashnikovs that the rebels have used in the conflict.

The SAS will be searching Gaddafi’s wrecked apartments and trying to gain entrance to the network of underground tunnels where he is believed to be hiding.

Soldier from 22 SAS Regiment were first sent into the north African country several weeks ago by David Cameron and they have remained there to find Gaddafi, according to the Daily Telegraph.

Nato has carried out a string of airstrikes on key targets in Libya since the conflict began on February 17 but up until now the use of ground troops has been ruled out.

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