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Scanner ‘violates human dignity,’ say civil rights groups

Imaging machines to deter travellers with religious beliefs, personal scruples

Suzanne Fournier
Calgary Herald [1]
Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Critics say the “naked” body scanners coming soon to the Vancouver airport are a “shocking” invasion of privacy introduced without debate — or even proof that they work.

“Certainly the privacy concerns with these body-scan machines are very, very serious and they are being introduced without debate, without evidence and without any parliamentary oversight,” Micheal Vonn of the B.C. Civil Liberties Association said Tuesday.

“Do the machines even work? They would not have detected the [Dec. 25] underwear bomber [who] is being used as an excuse for these to be introduced.



“We have reason to be very, very cautious about everything we’re being told about these devices.

“It violates human dignity to be told at the airport, ‘Hello, we’d like to see your gonads.’ It will deter air travellers, including all those whose religious beliefs or personal scruples require them to retain bodily modesty.”

Vonn noted that some European Union countries have been loathe to use the scanners, and Britain found that full-body scans of children violated child-pornography laws.

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