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School Bans Touching to Prevent Swine Flu

wpix.com [1]
Tuesday, Sept 1, 2009

GLEN COVE, N.Y. (WPIX) – With the fear of swine flu cases mounting as children prepare to head back to classrooms, one school on Long Island is taking steps to limit exposure to the potentially deadly virus.

Laurence Aronstein, the superintendent of the Glen Cove school district, said all skin-on-skin contact will be discouraged. That means no more handshakes, high fives, or hugs until otherwise noted.

The policy – which is unorthodox in nature and could be extremely difficult to implement – will be enforced when students return to school next week. The precautionary measure includes all students – including kindergartners and high school seniors.

While most parents and students said they appreciate the steps the school is taking, many are worried that it’s not enough to prevent the virus from spreading.

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