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Schools put ‘Big Brother’ CCTV cameras in classrooms to monitor teachers’ performance

UK Daily Mail [1]
Wednesday, March 4, 2009

CCTV cameras are being put in classrooms to monitor the performance of teachers, it emerged today.

The cameras and microphones are being installed in schools to make sure children receive a proper education.

The system allows teachers to get live feedback from their bosses by using a concealed earpiece.



But unions have criticised the move by four schools in Salford, Greater Manchester, as ‘Big Brother’ tactics.

The schools – Harrop Fold, Albion High, St George’s, and the Oasis Academy – have installed cameras and microphones in special training classrooms. And Salford City Council plans to roll them out to other schools.

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The 360-degree cameras are so powerful that observers can see what children are writing and at Harrop Fold, the best lessons will be put on to a DVD and shown to other staff.

Although taking part in the monitoring sessions is voluntary, headteachers say they expect the majority of their staff to participate.

However, union officials fear reluctant teachers will be compelled to take part.

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