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Schultz: ‘Kinda Disappointed’ Obama Didn’t ‘Punch Somebody’ at SOTU

Elisha Krauss
truthrevolt.org [1]
January 30th, 2014

Ed Schultz was disappointed in President Obama’s performance in Tuesday night’s State of the Union Address, but not because Obama had repeated the same vapid promises he’d already failed to deliver time and time again, or that he made clear his intent to abuse his power as president [2]. No, instead, Schultz admitted he was disappointed that Obama didn’t “come out and just punch somebody.”

I was in the gallery last night, and I thought for sure President Obama was gonna come out and just punch somebody! Was kinda disappointed!

Schultz then made a side remark about Rep. Michael Grimm (R-NY) who threatened  [3]a NY1 reporter, adding, “Although a Republican almost did!”

Returning to Obama’s performance Tuesday, Schultz tried to spin his disappointment (a feeling shared by many of his colleagues [4] in the media) into praise for the president.

You know the guy just never disappoints the people that support him… And just when we thought that he was gonna come out last night and really sock it to em, he rises above it all and he is still ‘Mr. Classy’…

Ed then return to script and faithfully repeated one of Obama’s key talking points, claiming that in the end the president just really wants to help American families by doing the “morally right” thing and raising the minimum wage [5].