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Schumer To Introduce Legislation On Misuse of TSA Body Scans

WKBW News [1]
Dec 6, 2010

While Federal Laws Restrict Disclosure of Private Information Obtained by I.R.S., Social Security, and Other Agencies, No Laws Exist Prohibiting Dissemination of Information Obtained from New Full Body Scanners.

United States Senator Charles E. Schumer announced today that he is introducing legislation that would make it a federal crime to misuse images recorded from Transportation Safety Administration (TSA) full body scanners used at airports across the country. Specifically, the law would make it illegal to unlawfully record a body scan image or distribute a body scan image to persons not permitted to have the images by law. Schumer’s legislation would prohibit any person with access to the scanned body images, whether security personnel or members of the public, from photographing or disseminating those images and would impose a penalty of up to one year in prison and a fine of up to $100,000 per violation for any person convicted of doing so.

“This law sends a loud and clear message to the flying public, not only will we do everything we can to protect your safety, we will also do everything we can to protect your privacy,” said Schumer. “As we put in place new technologies to detect and capture those who wish to do us harm, we need to do everything we can to protect the privacy rights of the air travelers.”

Full article here [1]

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