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Schwarzenegger set to ban ‘energy-guzzling’ big screen TVs in California

David Gardner
Daily Mail [1]
Friday, October 16, 2009

Big screen plasma televisions are to be banned in California because they use too much energy.

In a world first, Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger has given his backing to the crackdown on sets more than 40 inches wide.

These liquid crystal display and plasma high definition sets can use as much as three times the power of smaller cathode ray models.



Experts say the ban will reduce the state’s rocketing electricity bill by £5billion over the next decade.

This is the equivalent of about £20 a set per year. Environmentalists have applauded the move by the California Energy Commission, but manufacturers claim consumers will be hit in the pocket as they rush to switch sets.

About a quarter of televisions currently available will have to be pulled from the shops, according to Doug Johnson of the Consumer Electronics Association.

Full story here. [1]