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Scientists bewildered after monster galaxy ‘dies’ without warning

NY Post [1]
February 6, 2020

Burn bright; die young.

Scientists are left scratching their heads after a hugely productive galaxy went dark without warning, according to a new study.

The monstrous star system, known as XMM-2599, reportedly existed 12 billion years ago when the universe was a ripe young 1.8 billion years old, reports SciTech Daily. [2] But researchers at the University Of California in Riverside are bewildered over how the “ultramassive galaxy” could suddenly die.

The study was published in the Astrophysical Journal Letters. [3]

Despite its comparatively short life span, the star system was immensely productive and churned out “a mass of more than 300 billion suns” before it was 2 billion years old, according to the study’s lead author, Ben Forrest. To put it in perspective, our own Milky Way produces about one star a year.

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